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Is this an abbreviation for "calendar", and if so, what is the difference between a calendar year and other kinds?

The Mayan calendar used 3114 BC as their reference.

For example, Christian time counts the birth of Christ as the beginning, AD 1 (Anno Domini); everything that occurred before Christ is counted backwards from AD as BC (Before Christ).c14uk/- En caché - Similares Before Present - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia - [ Traducir esta página ] The ages are expressed in years before present (BP) where "present" is defined cal BP, where "cal" indicates "calendar years" or "calibrated years". - En caché - Similares Reference information: The following is from Wikipedia which I think is relevant to your text.Libby estimated that the steady state radioactivity concentration of exchangeable carbon-14 would be about 14 disintegrations per minute (dpm) per gram.In 1960, he was awarded the Nobel Prize in chemistry for this work.

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