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Won’t be returning there.” Most of the responses were supportive, as you’d expect from friends, but several dismissed her concerns or told her, in various ways, to suck it up and stop whining.Normal manners would require them to listen and at least feign sympathy, but they don’t. It’s why some Sundays I can barely drag myself there just to sit in the pew alone. In terms of service, I feel as a single parent I literally have nothing of myself to offer the Church, therefore I’m not even a blip on Her radar.Let me gently challenge the “where should the line be drawn” type questions.

There's something for everybody here, whether you are... College kids tell Donna Freitas that they don't actually like hook-up culture. Heather Grennan Gary reports on what young couples make of marriage-for better or worse. They have helped some couples survive the rough patches. FORUM: As Catholics, we know that there’s a lot more to love than romance.And of widows and their children, those of whom St. Full, complete, genital sexual activity is reserved for those in the sacramental covenant of marriage.Any and everything we choose to do should be in tune with that transformation of our hearts and minds and souls.The challenge for those who are not married is to find appropriate and just ways of expressing what their relationship means.

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    The Hope charity is run by young people to support others when a close family member has been diagnosed with a life-threatening illness.

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