Dating a rebound women mistry speed dating

You’re having a lot of fun in your new lover’s arms, but you don’t even know what kind of a relationship you’re in.You’re more focused on the fun part of the new romance than the serious parts that really matter in a new relationship.In an effort to recreate the emotional security felt in their previous relationship, women will carry on a sexual and/or emotional affair and create what I like to call a “pseudo-relationship.” The rebound relationship is constructed by pure selfishness, knitted together by underhanded motives.No matter which way you spin it, rebound relationships never replace true intimacy, but it’s easy for women to convince themselves otherwise.If you find that you’re experiencing more than a few of these signs, there’s a good chance you’re in love only to get over an older love! If you’ve been dumped by your ex or have experienced a bad relationship, you helplessly get drawn to anyone who gives you attention.Your mind subconsciously wants to experience love again, and even if you want to avoid dating for a while, you can’t help but fall into the trap of love almost immediately. But you have no idea about how the relationship is going.

You will unknowingly be engaged in a psychological game that will quickly end at your expense.

So how do you know if you’re a woman’s rebound guy? Take heed to these tips, tricks and warning signs and you can avoid the humiliation and heartache that inevitably accompanies a rebound relationship.

If you’re interested in a new woman, always, always ask her how long it’s been since she was in her last relationship.

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