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Nothing says “I’m a laugh a minute” like preparing for death!

Fifth date: First Base, because by that time, ladies, you will be so hot a cold shower couldn’t cool your desires! You can’t just drop that you met JC in 1975 and not give us any details!

In the new age of technological and social efficiency, Channel 4's looking to cut out a few major steps in the dating process: get naked first, actually learn about each other's personalities second.

They're introducing , which they promise will push the boundaries of the traditional dating show with what they call (via The Mirror), "a daring new dating series that starts where some good dates might end - naked." The show sees both a single man and a single woman each presented with six potential dates to choose from, all standing before them entirely in the nude; with the chosen couples then heading off on a date to see if those initial instincts turn out to be correct.

The show sees six contestants bare all while standing in acrylic boxes, with their faces covered, as a fully-clothed hopeful picks a love interest based solely on their naked body.

Later in the programme, which was watched by 1.3m intrigued people, faces are revealed and the dater strips off too.

Channel 4 has promised viewers that future episodes of new dating show Naked Attraction will “feature more nude women” following a sexism row sparked when the first episode showed “too many penises”.

Her search triggered 100 shots of men’s intimate parts of 82 of women’s.

I have been on matchcom and lately I have been getting a lot of e mails from Ghana. Never one on a weekend, I usually had to write first.

The frist one was suspicious but I wrote back stating I had no money to send. Finally I pulled the plug and that is when I got flooded with e mails from Ghana. They are good at removing a suspicious profile when there members complain about it.

A spokeswoman for Channel 4 has today assured the Standard that future episodes of the show would feature “a more even split”.

During the show there were 175 shots of penises as the first dater, music producer Ania, started her search before her privates were shown 11 times in quick succession.

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